Loss Control

Loss Control Services of CTS ME.,

Loss Control Superintendents have been at the forefront of combating losses at Oil and Bulk terminals around the world. In latter years with ever increasing cost restraints along with Staff changes, such Superintendency has become ever more important.
Our highly experienced Loss Control Superintendents are recruited for their broad range of skills not only of ship-board but shore based knowledge, as well as their experiences with Laboratory witnessing. An essential skill is to understand the workings and limitations of Ships Masters and Staff as well as that of Terminal Staff.

Our Superintendents are ready to travel to loading and discharging terminals to superintend loadings, discharging and ship to ship Oil and Bulk cargo transfers. They often do sea passages on tankers to superintend the tank washing, gas freeing and change over operations of ships tanks, especially on product tankers chartered for the carriage of multi-grade products.
Superintendence also covers supervision of cargo transfer to refloat a grounded vessel. An act that requires extreme skill and understanding of vessels stresses / capabilities.

No operation is too large or too difficult for us to handle. The underlying factor is to provide experienced Superintendent to save costs and protect Clients Interest in the cargo.

Tanker Loading / Discharging Superintendents

This is an area where Superintendents are particularly in demand. Ships staff are often recruited from many different areas of the world and in various cases, experience has been lacking on their part. Superintendents can assist in Loading plans and the actual vessel operation of loading / discharging. Maximising vessels capability, reducing to minimum delays and losses. Ensuring vessel is as near empty as possible on completion of discharge can account for significant cargo volume.
Many Ship-owners / operators suffer from a lack of experienced officers, the use of experienced Superintendent during operations can provide the necessary assistance to complete effectively ships obligations.

Our Superintendents receive their confidential briefings directly from the clients. On boarding the vessel immediately calculate the cargo requirements, vessels stress, trim, draft and cargo lifting capacity. They are then in constant contact with clients to advise and implement clients requirements.
With Terminal Superintendence, all aspects of Terminal operation are checked and security of product ensured.
Quality aspects of cargo to be transferred are compared against information supplied by client to ensure cargo is as per clients requirements.

Superintendent works closely with Cargo Inspection Company, to ensure all aspects of cargo measurement and sampling are conducted in best manner and in accordance with recognised standards.

Superintendents supervise the discharge of clean ballast, tank stripping, line stripping and all tank operations.

Once all is completed, the full set of cargo documentation is checked to ensure that data is correct and in accordance with clients instructions.

Any discrepancy or action outside of requirements is immediately passed to client for their decision. In extreme cases Superintendent will stop operations to protect clients interests awaiting clients decision.

General :

Superintendent will produce a full report and include details that usually are not made available to clients from Terminals or other parties. These details communicate where problems were averted or possible to occur. Information on actions taken to protect clients interest. In event of cargo claims or difference of parties, Superintendents details often provide the evidence necessary to conclude solutions.

Dry Cargo Bulk Cargoes

Dry Cargo Superintendents are fully conversant with Draft Survey and Cargo Cleanliness requirements. Losses due to innacurate surveys and failure to sample correctly can have great effect on clients interests. Our Superintendents supervise the Draft Survey, Hold Inspections and the sampling to ensure clients interests protected at all times.

List of services includes but not limited to :

Measurement Surveys
Custody Transfer procedures
Loading / Discharging Operations
Crude Oil Washing
Inert Gas Operations
Pre / Post Loading Tank Inspections
Bulk Hold Inspections
General Dry cargo vessel inspections
Draft Surveys
Cargo sampling supervision
Laboratory witnessing and reporting
Cargo on-board blending operations
Terminal blending and treatment operations
Vessel Load Plans

Documentation / Certification checks to ensure correct details as per clients instructions.