About us

“Cargo Treatment Services” is an international company specializing in injection of crude oil and oil products with chemical additives to improve, quality, performance, safety and handling. We provide competent advice based upon analysis performed by an independent laboratory and backed up by our many years of experience. This allows us to determine the best and most cost-effective way to treat your cargos and give you desired results.

We have been performing cargo additive operations for more than twenty years and are a leading Additives Operations company in the Baltic region, with operations expanding through Europe, West Africa, Middle East and Asia.

CTS operate widely across Europe. Please see Location page for detailed treatment locations. Our current and potential customers include oil traders, refineries, transit pipeline operators and oil terminals.

Our personnel are fully trained & certified with many years of experience in the oil and petroleum sector. Our staff is required to complete Health and Safety training/certification in order to operate in accordance with all local, international and client’s safety regulations. Our own internal Operational procedures are in place to standardize our services and to eliminate risk of injuries, delays or unforeseen situations.